“The Gardenroom is the common area where indoors and outdoors meet. Although we can see into the garden through the glass walls, the arcades offer a sense of protection and cover. Throughout the day, guests will find something fresh and tasty to eat here from our artisan bakery and confectionery, while the large communal table is just as suitable for working alongside a cup of coffee or tea as it is for playing board games, or reading and chatting in the comfort of the armchairs. We often sat at this table when making our plans and we hope that our guests will enjoy the same good cheer we find in this space. It is always nice to gather around a table.”

We offer a French breakfast every morning, as well as refreshments, coffee, fruit, and sweet and savoury snacks all day long in our communal Gardenroom, all of which are included in the price of your room.


  • fridge
  • coffee machine
  • kettle
  • plates, glasses, cutlery
  • board games
  • veranda
  • outdoor seating corner